Submitting Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo Data to Skip Microdeposits

We support bank logins for a large number of banks. These allow you to verify accounts, view transaction data, etc on accounts. Learn more on our Blog or our FAQ about Bank Logins.

However, if you are not ready to switch from a service like Plaid, Yodlee or Quovo you can still pass their data to us to skip micro-deposits.

Before beginning this process, please verify that this is supported on your Flow of Funds + CIP. 

Step 1: Verify account with Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo

Use Plaid to connect to a user's bank account with their online banking credentials.

Step 2: Pull customer Data from Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo

This includes account owner, address and other account information.

Step 3: Pull Transaction Data from Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo

Step 4: Format the data from Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo like the example below (see attachment).

Date is in unix time. Designate negative values with "Debit" True or False (boolean).

Step 5: Send all data to us when you add the bank account with Account/Routing Numbers.

Add an ACH-US Node with Account/Routing. Include Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo Data within the payload. See attached payload as an example. Micro-deposits will not send if this data is supplied.


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