How long does a transaction take to settle?

Transactions do not process on weekends or bank holidays.


ACH & SYNAPSE Transactions:

Standard Plan: 1 day debit, 1 day credit 

Premium Plan: 1 day debit, 1 day credit

Custom Plan: Custom Timelines



Wires are same day transactions.


Need Faster Payouts?

Pre-fund your account for one-day payouts.


When to submit transactions:

We submit transactions in batches every afternoon. To ensure your transactions are submitted on time, please submit them before 2PM PST. Transactions are settled at 11AM PST. We do not process transactions on weekends or bank holidays.


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    M. Ben Nicolas

    sent wire to 7/7/16 (have receipt & confirmation #) hasn't appeared on kraken yet, no phone support there or at synapse and no one responds via web tickets to help track down missing $...3x thumbs down

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    Calvin Garo

    Currently have the same issue with Kraken. I'm trying get my funds deposit back in to my bank account and their support team hasn't responded to me on any status or information.