What businesses are prohibited from using SynapsePay?

Businesses that engage in the following activities without prior written consent are prohibited from using SynapsePay.

  • Use of the SynapsePay System, without Synapse’s prior written consent, to operate or engage in any business regulated by FinCEN, including the money service business and payday lending
  • Use the SynapsePay System in association with or for payment of illegal or fraudulent goods or services, including, but not limited to, illegal substances, counterfeit goods, stolen goods, illegal or controlled substances, and substances that pose a risk to consumer safety (including synthetics, “potpourri not for human consumption”, and other similar items, illegal online gambling / wagering, pyramid schemes, counterfeit goods or any type of money laundering
  • Provide false or inaccurate information to SynapsePay, including attempt to falsify your identity, such as by providing false account information or false documents;
  • Defraud us or other SynapsePay Users in any way;
  • Engage in transactions involving debt collection services;
  • Engage in transactions involving escort services;
  • Engage in transactions involving the purchase, sale, or exchange of cryptocurrency / virtual currency, or provide a cryptocurrency / virtual currency marketplace or exchange without prior written consent of SynapsePay;
  • Provide white label ATM services;
  • Attempt to receive or actually receive duplicate compensation for a disputed payment from the recipient (such as a seller), SynapsePay and/or your bank, credit union or other financial institution;
  • Engage in activity that indicates, in SynapsePay and the Financial Institution Partner’s discretion, that there may be a high level of risk associated with you, your SynapsePay account, or any of your SynapsePay account activity


The most updated list can be found on our Terms of Service.

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