Steps to Going Live

Step 1: Schedule an Intro Call with our Sales Team
Email to setup a call.
Step 2: Review your Quote
Following your intro call, we'll confirm the following:
  • Flow of Funds
  • CIP ("Customer Identification Program")
  • Quote
Step 3: Execute an Agreement & Setup Billing
When you are ready to start integrating, execute a Third Party Platform Agreement, setup an account & send us your Node ID for billing.
Step 4: Get started with an Integration Engineer
Kick off development with an intro call with one of our integration engineers. View other resources for getting started
Please direct questions to or our slack channel (for Premium customers).
Step 5: Schedule a Code Review
Schedule a code review before going live. Prepare for the code review with this checklist.
Step 6: Receive Production Keys
Now that your production keys are issued, prepare to go live.
Step 7: Schedule a Compliance Review
When you are ready for a compliance review, schedule a call with a member of our compliance team to review security & compliance within your integration.
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