How to upload KYC on the dashboard?

Here's how you can add KYC information on the dashboard: 

Step 1: Navigate to your profile page.

Log into your account. Toggle the button on the top right corner to select 'MY ACCOUNT'.

(If you're trying to perform actions for a user's account, log into your user's profile instead)

Step 2: Scroll to the 'Documents' section (on your profile page). Click Add KYC

If your name is already displayed, click on it and go to step 3.

Fill out the information as prompted. You can supply 'Not Known' for Entity Type (Gender) and Entity Scope (Profession)


Step 3: Upload documents

From the 'DOCUMENTS' section, click on your name to see the information that has been verified.

Click on the document type to upload new documents (ex: Click 'Driver's License' to add a driver's license). 

  • Virtual Documents: numeric values
  • Physical Documents: copies of a document
  • Social Documents: link to social profiles

The exact document requirements vary according to your account setup & CIP requirements.


Step 4: After uploading required information, confirm the status of your KYC information. 

Items in green are good to go. For other document statuses, visit our API docs.

Users with the appropriate SEND|RECEIVE permissions are verified.



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