Creating a production account

Step 1: Create a Production Account
Click here to Create a SynapsePay production account.
Step 2: Upload personal information & business information
Here's a guide for uploading your information on the dashboard.
You will need to upload the following:
  • Add KYC: Beneficial owner(s) personal information
  • Virtual Doc: SSN of Beneficial Owner(s)
  • Physical Doc: EIN Verification Letter from the Department of Treasury (Can't find it?
  • Physical Doc: Photo ID of Business Owner/Key Officer
  • Physical Doc: Letter of Engagement
  • Physical Doc: Articles of Incorporation
  • Physical Doc: Company ByLaws
  • Physical Doc: DBA or Fictitious Name Documentation (if operating under a different name)
  • Physical Doc: Third Party Platform Agreement*
  • Physical Doc: SynapsePay Flow of Funds + CIP (PDF)*

*Don't have one? Email

Foreign Businesses also need to upload:

  • Physical Doc: Photo ID(s) of all business owner(s) or officer(s)

For MSBs or other regulated industries:

  • Physical Doc: Photo ID(s) of all business owner(s) or officer(s)
  • Physical Doc: KYC/AML Protocols
  • Physical Doc: Detailed Business Plan
  • Physical Doc: State-level Licensing Details
  • Physical Doc: FINCEN Registration

Step 3: Connect a Payment Source

Add a bank account for ACH Transfers. This is the account we will use to debit any agreed upon monthly or other fees.

Let us know the node ID that you wish to debit monthly fees from.

Step 4: Fund your reserve account

Before you go live you will need to fund your reserve account with the amount noted on your CIP. Learn how to fund your reserve account.

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