I have my production keys. Now what?

Step 1: Grab your Production Keys

You can find your Production Keys on your dashboard. Here's a guide to locate your keys.

Please keep these keys secure. If you need to send them via email to your development team, make sure it's encrypted (using a tool like Virtu).

Step 2: Oauth your Account

You will need to oauth your account. This only has to be done once.

Step 3: Prefund your Account

Please prefund your SYNAPSE-US account if you plan to make payouts or debit transaction fees from your account.

Step 4: Subscribe to our status page

Receive alerts for maintenance & outages with our status page: http://status.synapsepay.com/

Step 5: Begin Testing

Create a test transaction to make sure everything's working smoothly. Please do not use fake data while testing. Only use real data (real names, bank accounts, etc) to avoid triggering flags on your account.

Step 6: Understand Billing

We will debit your account when you first execute your agreement + the 5th of every month following. Transaction fees will be taken as they occur.


Step 7: Know where to ask for help

If you have questions about a specific transaction or an error with the API, email help@synapsepay.com so the appropriate person on our team can look into your issue.

Step 8: Make Security Updates

Our team will pen test your application for security vulnerabilities. We will send you a security report with updates to make to your application.

IMPORTANT: Please do not push changes to your Flow of Funds or CIP without Synapse approval.

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