Proper Notifications

Please include the following notifications on your platform. These are for consumer protections. Also be sure to include proper disclosures & NACHA mandated language.

Please note that customers cannot opt out of receiving these emails.

1. Enable your customer to view and print a receipt immediately after submitting the payment form that contains:

  • Full details of the scheduled payment(s) (payment amount, frequency, start date, end date or number of payments).
  • A transaction number for any transaction processed as part of the scheduled payment(s) when it was entered.
  • Contact information for your support & SynapsePay (
  • Information on how to cancel transaction (ex: 'click here to cancel transaction')

2. Email receipts to your customers and keep copies of the emails for 2 years (see attached example):

  • After each transaction is created (Include information on how to cancel the transaction)
  • Before new transactions are debited as part of scheduled payments
  • After funds have settled (Include information on how to access those funds)

3. Notify your customer in advance of any change to the scheduled payment amount (or payment range) or frequency.

4. Send monthly financial statements to your customer on their account activity. Include SynapsePay's contact information (

5. Verify Accounts with MFA: In the event that a customer's bank account does not support MFA for Bank Logins, Synapse will initiate an MFA email to the user on your platform's behalf.

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