ACH Guide

SynapsePay supports ACH debits and ACH credits between bank accounts. You can either send funds directly through two parties OR pass them through an intermediary account.

Below is the basic information about setting up ACH Payments on our system.

Are ACH payments white-labeled?

Yes, our API allows you to send white-labeled payment instructions between bank accounts.

What is the flow of funds?

The standard payment flow follows the steps below. For more information on transaction statuses, view our API documentation on Transaction Status & Transaction Codes.

(1) Created -- Payment instructions are received by our system & are waiting to be submitted to the ACH network.

(2) Processing-Debit -- Funds are being debited from an external account into an account on our network. These funds either land in a clearing account to be sent to the fund recipient or they will pass through an account in your platform's name or your customer's name.

(3) Processing-Credit -- Funds are being credited from an account on our platform into an external account.

(4) Settled -- Funds have settled in the fund recipient's account (Note: There is still a risk for returns or chargebacks)

Payment Schedule:

Payment instructions are submitted to the ACH network on business days (Mon - Fri). The cutoff time for submitting your transaction is 2PM PST (though transactions sent after 1pm PT may be included in the next day's batch). Transactions are settled at 11AM PST.

Note that payments are not submitted on weekends or bank holidays.


Settlement Speeds:

Standard/Premium Plans: 1 day debit, 1 day credit (2 days total)

Starter or High Risk Platforms: 2-3 days debit, 2-3 days credit (4-6 days total)


Returns, Chargebacks & Disputes:

Even thought a transaction has settled, there is still a risk for returns or chargebacks

Read more about chargebacks.

Read more about returns.


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